Panaria group, founded in 1974, headquartered in Modena, northern Italy, is a leading manufacturer of top luxury tiles in Italy. The group has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. At present, it has 9 ceramic tile brands, 6 production plants, more than 1700 employees, and its sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With a leading position in the global high-end ceramic tile market, it is one of the most famous ceramic brands in the world.


  In 2014, Italy's panaria company officially authorized thinkhome to become a Chinese distributor of its large board series products, introducing the common "green" values of both sides into the Chinese market, gaining greater support for the development and research of environmental protection building materials of Shanke ceramics, and deepening the cooperation relationship.



  Produced by means of extremely innovative technology, ZERO.3 is manufactured in 100x300 cm and 120x260 cm slabs, using a porcelain stoneware body made of top quality raw materials. It is pressed at a force of 27,000 tons. Firing takes place in innovative and eco-friendly kilns that are the result of the research and know-how of Panariagroup. The ZERO.3 porcelain slabs are only 3,5mm, 5,5mm and 6mm thick. This makes them flexible, light and extremely easy to handle. The minimal thickness is the striking feature, which makes the product suitable for a variety of different applications.




      It is said that there is more bacteria on one hand than people on planet Earth。 How is it possible then to live with surfaces freely, especially flooring?

  The solution has arrived thanks to the Panariagroup Research Centre, which has created the PROTECT line。 Besides being beautiful and remarkably resistant, PROTECT antimicrobial surfaces have been created with Microban® technology, developed by the world leader in the sector: a true antimicrobial shield built into the ceramic product that eliminates up to 99。9% of bacteria on the surface。

  The result is a surface which is consistently protected, with high levels of hygiene, unalterable from wear and tear and climatic conditions.


  由于泛亚集团研究中心(panariagroup research centre)创建了保护线,解决方案已经到来。除了美观和显著的抗微生物性外,由该行业的世界领先者开发的Microban®技术还创造了保护抗菌表面:陶瓷产品内置真正的抗菌屏蔽层,可消除表面99.9%的细菌。